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CJ Suitt 2021-01-25
My motto: « Besta é tu se você não viver nesse mundo. » 2021-01-24
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For conservatives, a time for choosing 2021-01-04
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How I accidentally voted for a Republican and spoiled my Absentee ballot 2020-11-01
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Why I’m taking Mark Hall’s OLLI class on prisons 2020-09-20
Nouns are theories; verbs are facts 2020-09-16
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You’re lucky if you’re not born in an English-speaking family 2020-05-06
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Self as Property 2020-05-01
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Why Nonvoters choose to opt out (2020-03-25) 2020-03-25
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Heather Cox Richardson on the Democratic nominating process 2020-03-05
2020-02-2 Hate the sin, not the sinner 2020-02-23
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NYT-Buttigieg-SDEs 2020-02-06
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Imposter Syndrome 2020-02-04
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Famous Photographers in History 2020-01-05
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Fleep, The Team Messaging App Built And Funded By Ex-Skypers, Flicks Monetization Switch 2016-03-16
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What kind of toilet should we use to replace the one in my bathroom? 2015-03-03
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