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Sears Kenmore 30’’ Slide-In Gas Range 3693

This is the stove we plan to buy.

  • Sears Item# 02236933000
  • Model# 22-36933 (stainless steel with black top)

Matte grates

We want matte grates, which do not come with this model. However, we found another stove with matte grates that fit.

We looked at a model with the number #41093. I put its grates on the model we want to buy and they fit. So we just have to find what replacement grates cost.

Easier said than done.

I believe that this is the range I looked at:

Kenmore Elite 30'' Slide-In Dual Fuel Range Stainless Steel
Sears Item# 02241093000 | Model# 4109 

Here is the web page for this range.

But I can’t find parts for this model. I need to try calling.

Salesman we dealt with

Lonnie Simmons

Email to Lonnie Simmons

Dear Mr Simmons,

Today you helped my wife, Iris Tillman Hill, and me look at slide-in ranges. We were quite frustrated at the difficulty of getting precise information about Sears ranges, but Google helped me locate more precise specifications (thank you, Google), and we were finally able to figure out the dimensions of the range. We believe that it will fit where our old, dead, Sears stove now sits. So we will buy it from you.

First, however, we need your help still for one more thing. As you will remember, we wanted matte grates for our stove. I took the matte grates from another stove and placed them on the stove we want to buy and liked the result.

The matte grates came from a stove with the model number 41093 written on the label. The parts dept could not locate anything with that number. We were unable to find out how much matte grates would cost or if we could even buy them.

So here’s what we would like you to do for us:

  • Please find a range, any range, which has matte grates that fit model 22-36933 and call your parts department and find out how much they cost.
  • Email us or call us at 919-636-5496 and let us know what you find out. Of course, we would need the part numbers.

Then we’ll come by and buy a stove from you!!

Thanks for your help.

Iris Tillman Hill
George Entenman

2012-05-15 - I called and spoke with Alonzo

Lonnie wasn’t working today.

2012-05-15 - Someone - not Alonzo - called us back

  • He told us that the matte grates would cost (2 x $115.49) + $148.66
  • But he didn’t have the part numbers, which we need.


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