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GOP Slogans (not posted to FB because it isn’t quite right)

I’ve been reading analyses saying that progressive politicians did not fare as well as hoped in the 2020 election in part because of the language they used. The phrase that seems to have actually frightened people is Defund the police.” I have the impression that the slogan is sometimes not intended to be taken literally, and that BLM doesn’t mean that other lives do not matter in spite of the fact that it can be heard to mean that. And when big signs in Miami say that the GOP opposes socialism”, it’s clearly not a word that’s very conducive to winning.

But that’s not why I’m posting. I need help imagining what an even bolder, more fascist GOP would say that they support. They talk of freedom and liberty (as we Dems should also), a strong military, tax relief, family, etc. But they seem to be very clever at finding effective slogans against good policies (“Green New Deal” sounds good to me but they’ve managed to make it sound bad.) (Even our use of the word Progressive” proves that the GOP has beaten the word liberal”.)

Think ahead to 2024 when a bunch of mouth-breathing Trump wannabees compete with each other for the base’s love (assuming that Trump is in jail or Moscow and not running). What slogans would they use, slogans that would sound good to them and as scary to decent Americans as some of the progressive slogans apparently are?

I somehow doubt that we’ll be able to come up with much. Even forced birther”, while very effective, is negative and unlikely to be parroted with approval by Tom Cotton. Is there a more positive way to say it?

  • Forced birther
  • Catholic and Baptist schools of your choice only
  • Pay your own way
  • Let non-achievers pay
  • Top down
  • Private water and air
  • Petroleum transportation
  • Father knows best
  • Woman’s freedom to stay home and have children
  • Let em die (we even have the video of this)
  • Obedient children

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