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2020-05-07 More words from Jim Kellogh

Eleanor walks. She walked on loop by Mystery House which is set back from street less than the normal 1941 style suburbia plan [ our modern , normal setback is 60 feet :: over in West Durham, the older community created by Erwin’ with mill houses have a set back of 15-20 ft. ]. The Mystery House has a special privacy or decorative (?) aspect. The owner put a row of rocks [bigger than would fit in the back of a Subaru] right on the curb for thirty feet & is adding a wattle of branches at the end to fence’ off the rest of his frontage.. A mass of privet right behind the rocks blocks any view of the house. Surprise. Eleanor found owner on street & talked to him. She profiled him :: retiree, average Anglo, personable. She told me : we went all over in our conversation.’ [] I’m giving you a second.hand reconstruction here . [] It seems that he a bellhead, possibly from working at Nortel or Alcatel (French, which merged with the MaBell spin-off Lucent) which both were Big here in 80’s. I did displays for Nortel at the Godfrey Group factory then. . even toured their factory. { Nortel was Canadian—- nor’-thern tel’-ecom with big budget for graphics]. A few blocks from here on Roxboro is an old big brick MaBell circuit switching’ building. [] reliable, specialized hardware [] The bullheads were replaced by net heads and internet packet switching’ , digital and open source. You know a lot more about this than me. You know how complicated the story is. CISCO is big here now.

Back to the man in the street who expressed discomfort with the fifth generation of mobile technology, 5G. We’ have heard that the USA has not stopped 5G in Europe or even in Britain. The Chinese 5G Huawei guys use very few USA chips, etc. The USA seems to want to screw up Huawei rather than out-innovate it. Why ? We are told ::::: They fear a backdoor that could let Chinese access USA INTEL (?). They fear that in a conflict the Chinese could shut down a USA 5G network or even tell our driverless cars to all turn left’ at the same time (?). Wait. It could be much, much worse than all that. :::::: The man in the street admitted to Eleanor that he had more expansive doubts involving all the possible neurological affects (?) ..effects (?) from 5G. He was edging toward the conspiratorial when she left.

[Meanwhile ..Other net heads will come up with something better than 5G ] Lady across the street told me that some people’ would not like to see me have a grove of castor bean plants near my curb. [] 5G is not likely to :: make you no never mind.’

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