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Lou-Anna Ralite

I found two photos by Lou-Anna Ralite that interest me at Fisheye Magazine. There are more on her own website.

Photo from the back

I became interested in photos of people’s backs while reading Geoff Dyer’s book, The Ongoing Moment where he asserts that a photo of a back (or profile) drains the photograph of the subject’s individuality. This makes them suitable to represent a Platonic thing itself” (Weston) or as propaganda (Lange).

Without going deeper, I’ll just say that I am intrigued by this photo:

Lou-Anna Ralite

Photo of a snail

Ever since seeing an amazing tiny collection of snail figurines in the Folklore museum in Lviv, Ukraine, a few years ago, I have been collecting snails and paying attention to snail sightings. I like this one:

Lou-Anna Ralite

I’m not sure what the significance of her tongue is.


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