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Google Sheet Number Formatting

Google Sheets has fairly good formatting for displaying numbers and dates.

But I often use Google Sheets to create data for exporting to TSV files (for importing into markdown files).

Apparently I do it the wrong way because I often try to turn calculate dates that can be formatted. In the past, I tried to do lots of things, as illustrated in this table:

date-n year month day y-m-d month (calc) day (calc) y-m-d (pays no attention to leading zeros) date-n (formatted)
45136 2023 7 29 2023-7-29 07 29 2023-7-29 2023-07-29
45137 2023 7 30 2023-7-30 07 30 2023-7-30 2023-07-30
45138 2023 7 31 2023-7-31 07 31 2023-7-31 2023-07-31
45139 2023 8 1 2023-8-1 08 01 2023-8-1 2023-08-01

Here are the calculations used to make each column:

column value
date-n 45136
year =YEAR(A2)
month =MONTH(A2)
day =DAY(A2)
y-m-d =CONCATENATE(B2,“-”,C2,“-”,D2)
month (calc) =MONTH(A2)
day (calc) =DAY(A2)
y-m-d (pays no attention to leading zeros) =CONCATENATE(B2,“-”,F2,“-”,G2)
date-n (formatted) 2023-07-29

The thing that annoys the Hell out of me is that column y-m-d (pays no attention to leading zeros) uses the values in the month (calc) and day (calc) columns but loses the leading zeros. This drives me crazy.

However, much to my surprise, I recently tried making the date-n (formatted) column, which I formatted using the following method, works!

I’ve also figured out how to do it with some truly weird calculations.

This table:

is formatted with this crazy calculation:

and it works, too!

Here’s the calculation:


To add a leading zero to a number, I concatenate the string 0” (not a number) to the number (itself converted to text) and then chop off everything but the two righmost digits. Ie works.

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