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What kind of toilet should we use to replace the one in my bathroom?

Greg Georges’ recommendation to the neighborhood listserv

We got tired of poorly flushing toilets and having to have plungers nearby. Our old ones that were original to the house also used way too much water. All three were just swapped out for new Toto toilets. They are amazing and use very little water (1.28 gallons) and we have now removed all plungers from the bathrooms.

I most highly recommend the young licensed plumber who has been doing this kind of work for 13 years. He was more concerned about cleaning behind the toilets once they were removed than I was and left our three bathrooms spotless. He is also doing some work on the lovely lift-station all of us on Kings Mill enjoy having if our septic systems have failed. J

He does some kitchen and bathroom remodeling. He will be our plumber in the future.

Way cool toilets too. Never thought I would say that! Check out link

Matt Vanderwalker

(919 932-0081

Drake II Two-Piece Toilet, 1.28 GPF - SanaGloss®

This seems to be the model that Greg has. To find it, use a search containing the model number

It looks as if it will cost at least $300 and probably significantly more with shipping.

It has some very positive reviews on Amazon.


Costco has a nice-looking toilet on sale now - May, 2012 but I’m not sure that enough is known about it or about ordering replacement parts. But is is a lot cheaper.


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