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Amazon loses my smile

When Amazon first introduced its Smile feature, I would start each shopping session by changing the URL from to and watch money go to my designated recipient.

Lately I’ve been noticing that nothing goes to the organization that I’ve designated as my Smile recipient. Even if I change www to smile in the Amazon URL, it often changes back to www by the time I review the cart.

I can change the www to smile again, before I push the Buy now button, but I often forget to do so.

Could this be a trick?

Today I decided to see where my change is undone. I went to Amazon, changed www to smile, and started shopping.

I rather randomly navigated to a Storage & Organization page and started looking. Here’s what I found:

As expected, some of the items on the page retain the smile in the URL when I link to them:

But as soon as I went to the Lightning Deals, my smile went away:

If I purchased a Lightening Deal this way, I might very well have not noticed this change, thus shortchanging my designated charity.

Of course, I can’t imagine why this happens.

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