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Fun misunderstandings Dec 18, 2021 I like this one because it kind of makes sense. maybe… Our Living Contradiction Nov 21, 2021 politics The November 14, 2021 issue of the New York Times Magazine contains an article by Jake Silverstein entitled A Nation of Argument. (If you follow the Genetic Geneology Nov 20, 2021 identity The November 22, 2021 Issue of The New Yorker has an article entitled How Your Family Tree Could Catch a Killer by Raffi Khatchadourian. In the PANCHO LÓPEZ Nov 8, 2021 In the summer between my junior and senior years in high school (I think), the father of my best friend, Mark (“Gruesome”) Grandy, found us jobs Burying Google Fiber on Bartram Drive Oct 21, 2021 This is the tool used to punch holes in the earth for the orange conduit that will hold our Google Fiber. It’s kind of like an autonomous In a setback for Apple, the European Union seeks a common charger for all phones Sep 24, 2021 Today’s New York Times reports The European Union unveiled plans on Thursday to make USB-C connectors the standard charging port for all Thinking that we think independently Jul 12, 2021 Posted by a friend on Facebook: It’s interesting that the poster calls this a “random thought” when this is all over social media and even MSM Learning from an old brain Jul 12, 2021 As my brain slows down with age, I am able for some reason to notice its actions better than before. For example, I turn right at the top of our Don’t thump this Bible Jul 12, 2021 This is a Concealed Carry Semi Hard Shell Bible Gun Case For Medium To Small Guns sold on Notice that the pistol in the photo is cocked Hurricane Elsa Jul 2, 2021 Our evil stepmother spelled her name “Else”, but this makes me feel uncomfortable anyway. Hurricane Elsa is coming our way OSS sabotage manual from 1944 Jul 1, 2021 Rebecca Hill posted a Homeland Security Digital Library article on Facebook. OSS/CIA sabatoge instructions Organizations and Conferences Home — Finding Place in Poetry Jun 27, 2021 SAVE THE DATE! Sunday, July 18th, 3:00-4:00 pm Use this link to join the Zoom poetry reading, Featured Readers: Mark Smith-Soto, Iris Tillman, Fred The Great 2021 Gasoline Shortage May 13, 2021 fun & beer – As I recall, the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers used to say Beer will get you through times of no gasoline better than gasoline will get you A Monument to the Union Victory May 6, 2021 A good friend of mine asks on Facebook: Why aren’t there Union victory monuments or monuments to abolitionists? This question reminded me of the Quotations Apr 19, 2021 Why does [Judith] Butler prefer to write in this teasing, exasperating way? The style is certainly not unprecedented. Some precincts of the You say “Naomi”, I say “Naomi”… Apr 19, 2021 communication & language From Bloomberg Business Week Facebook Sees WhatsApp As Its Future, Antitrust Suit or Not Will Cathcart, the head of WhatsApp My wife and I Self-Ignorance Apr 18, 2021 self-ignorance By Adam Zagajewski Translated by Clare Cavanagh Found in NY Times Magazine I don’t believe we humans have any special form of self-knowledge or Think about the reflection in a person’s eyes Apr 18, 2021 I found this image on Facebook but I couldn’t find its source. The photo is interesting for several reasons. Notice the reflections in Helen Abraham Piper, Exvangelical Apr 13, 2021 religion Today’s NY Times had an article on Abraham Piper entitled Pastor’s Son Left Faith, Becoming an Evangelical Critic for a New Flock on TikTok. It was The Georgia Voter Suppression Law Apr 6, 2021 politics When I first read about Georgia’s new voting law, it sounded as if some parts of it were okay. For example, Republicans say that Sunday voting is Next page