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Should models look at the camera? February 23, 2021 photography & psychology An article appeared in the 2021-02-23 edition of our WSJ with the title, Should Models in Ads Look Directly at The Camera? Research Has an Answer: A Ps brush doesn’t paint to edge of its outline February 21, 2021 photography & photoshop I make a hard, round brush with 100% flow, etc., but when I press the mouse button to use the brush, the color circle is inside the thin circle, so Lou-Anna Ralite February 11, 2021 photography I found two photos by Lou-Anna Ralite that interest me at Fisheye Magazine. There are more on her own website. I became interested in photos of Alfred-Stieglitz-and-the-Making-of-Modern-Photography January 29, 2021 photography FRAMES Magazine (my emphasis) Most readers have at least a passing familiarity with Alfred Stieglitz (1864-1946), the early twentieth-century Famous Photographers in History January 5, 2020 photography Joseph Nicéphore Niépce — in 1825 he created what is generally considered the worlds first photograph. So he should rank as #1 on any list because Single-Image HDR — Ask Tim Grey June 5, 2017 photography & hdr & color & dynamic-range [Source]( “Permalink to Single-Image HDR — Ask Tim Grey Today’s Question: I’ve got a single image Sharpening versus Midtone Contrast — Ask Tim Grey May 31, 2017 photography & postprocessing & sharpening Source Today’s Question: I was always taught that the High Pass filter was a superior method of sharpening in Photoshop. And although I was aware Quick and Dirty Guide to Replacing Skies in Photoshop May 31, 2017 photography Source The weather. Of the many things I wish I could control, this is certainly one of them. Recently, my home of Seoul has had some of the Europeana Photography May 29, 2017 photography Source Today, we’re proud to launch Europeana Photography, our latest thematic collection. Photography lovers and researchers can explore more than Annie Leibovitz’s Work on ‘Women’ Is Never Done October 6, 2016 photography & photographers Source The intimate picture of Ms. Steinem was the first of dozens of new images of female leaders — in politics, sports, business and culture — The Sensel Morph: INTERACTION, EVOLVED. by Sensel —Kickstarter October 3, 2016 sensel & photography & music Source The Sensel Morph: INTERACTION, EVOLVED. by Sensel —Kickstarter Log In Staff Picks Popular Art 243 Comics 142 Crafts 129 Dance 24 Design Sebastião Salgado’s Advice For Young Photographers Today September 28, 2016 photography & photographers Source Last weekend at Photo London I had the chance to attend a lecture with Sebastião Salgado. Leo Johnson interviewed the 71-year old Some good tricks with curves September 27, 2016 photography & curves & zones & gradient Source This cool video shows how to use a posterized gradient to make a set of tonal rectangles. Add a horizontal (O°) gradient adjustment layer TWiP Apps 14: RAW; Getting RAW by 500px September 21, 2016 photography Source With the release of iOS 10, RAW image capture comes to the latest iOS devices, while RAW editing comes to even more. Many developers are Would they be famous now? Or, the bar has been raised — Ming Thein September 16, 2016 art & photography Source I recently attended two exhibitions. First was a semibiographical retrospective of Yves St Laurent at work by French photographer Pierre Photos do bring back memories August 11, 2013 family & photography