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Our Living Contradiction November 21, 2021 politics The November 14, 2021 issue of the New York Times Magazine contains an article by Jake Silverstein entitled A Nation of Argument. (If you follow the The Georgia Voter Suppression Law April 6, 2021 politics When I first read about Georgia’s new voting law, it sounded as if some parts of it were okay. For example, Republicans say that Sunday voting is COVID-19 vaccines and older so-called conservatives March 24, 2021 politics I can’t understand how older people can refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Younger people have not lived through the amazing vaccines I left a comment on PoliticsNC March 5, 2021 politics & friends I commented on a guest article on PoliticsNC: Tom, your buddy Rick Henderson is indeed a Libertarian. Libertarians are those people who talk freedom We need another Sputnik March 3, 2021 politics Quotes from Politics & Ideas: How to Step Up the Tech Fight Against China - WSJ 2021-03-03. I found the article through my public library Inside a Battle Over Race, Class and Power at Smith College February 27, 2021 politics What I gather from this NY Times article: Oumou Kanoute, a Black student at Smith College, was eating lunch in a dorm lounge when a janitor and a President Trump wasn’t that bad February 17, 2021 politics I received this from my Canadian Cousin, Harry, who got it from his “friend Marty Cutler in Toronto (who gets more letters published in the Globe Rescripting Facts February 9, 2021 politics & psychology This article finally gave me a word to describe why it’s so hard, at least for me, to argue about politics with smart people who I disagree with: Letter to a friend living in a different world February 9, 2021 politics A friend sent me this note and attached video: I listened to the whole thing. Humphrey exclaims, “Biden says, ‘Every American gets the vaccine’”!! Janet Yellen January 21, 2021 politics & music WHO’S YELLEN NOW? You can read more about this here Pauline Harmange January 10, 2021 politics & from-the-back I learned about her from the NY Times. She has made waves because of her book Moi les hommes, je les déteste. Pauline Harmange also has a blog. For conservatives, a time for choosing January 4, 2021 politics & racism Excerpts, with my emphasis from this source Sedition n. incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority. Yesterday, the How I accidentally voted for a Republican and spoiled my Absentee ballot November 1, 2020 politics I got my Orange County, NC, absentee ballot in the mail and diligently filled all the little ovals. Then I asked my wife to witness by signing the Barry Saunders February 23, 2020 politics I went to Denise Allen’s exhibit this afternoon at the Carrboro Century Center, where Ms Allen gave a wonderful talk about her life and work. In the The End of Identity Liberalism June 5, 2017 identity & politics Source Clinton’s misplaced criticism of the DNC as a cause of her defeat June 1, 2017 politics Source Of all the reasons Hillary Clinton thinks she lost the 2016 election to President Trump, the least among them was the state of the Democratic Political Strategy Notes — The Democratic Strategist May 29, 2017 politics Source As we commemorate Memorial Day, Samantha Layne’s “9 Ways Republicans Could Have Helped Veterans…But Decided Not To” at Brazil’s ‘Car Wash’ Probe: Tell Me How This Ends October 3, 2016 brazil & politics Source During their first year in the spotlight, the young federal prosecutors leading the “Operation Car Wash” corruption probe seemed to handle Caso Lava Jato October 3, 2016 brazil & politics Source A Lava Jato e a importância da cooperação internacional para o combate ao crime foram temas de destaque em pronunciamentos de membros do Inside a Democratic Campaign—Last-Minute Expenditures October 2, 2016 politics & democrats Source Getting Out the Vote Campaigns Candidates often turn to last minute expenditures in get out the vote efforts as a way to make effective use Anti government blindness August 7, 2013 friends & politics My sister’s best friend in Oregon likes to send out anti-government email. She used to put the addresses in the to field until I started using reply Another Silent Sam Letter July 25, 2013 politics & history Published June 22nd Here’s the column: By Sven Sonnenberg It’s 1913, in the middle of the night, and a group of UNC workers have just brought a global warming denial July 8, 2013 politics & friends Ed Jackem gave me a paper by John R Christy, PhD, Univ of Alabama, Huntsville. The paper was apparently prepared for some Senate committee. It can