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Home — Finding Place in Poetry Jun 27, 2021 SAVE THE DATE! Sunday, July 18th, 3:00-4:00 pm Use this link to join the Zoom poetry reading, Featured Readers: Mark Smith-Soto, Iris Tillman, Fred The Great 2021 Gasoline Shortage May 13, 2021 fun & beer – As I recall, the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers used to say Beer will get you through times of no gasoline better than gasoline will get you A Monument to the Union Victory May 6, 2021 A good friend of mine asks on Facebook: Why aren’t there Union victory monuments or monuments to abolitionists? This question reminded me of the Quotations Apr 19, 2021 Why does [Judith] Butler prefer to write in this teasing, exasperating way? The style is certainly not unprecedented. Some precincts of the You say “Naomi”, I say “Naomi”… Apr 19, 2021 communication & language From Bloomberg Business Week Facebook Sees WhatsApp As Its Future, Antitrust Suit or Not Will Cathcart, the head of WhatsApp My wife and I Self-Ignorance Apr 18, 2021 self-ignorance By Adam Zagajewski Translated by Clare Cavanagh Found in NY Times Magazine I don’t believe we humans have any special form of self-knowledge or Think about the reflection in a person’s eyes Apr 18, 2021 I found this image on Facebook but I couldn’t find its source. The photo is interesting for several reasons. Notice the reflections in Helen Abraham Piper, Exvangelical Apr 13, 2021 religion Today’s NY Times had an article on Abraham Piper entitled Pastor’s Son Left Faith, Becoming an Evangelical Critic for a New Flock on TikTok. It was The Georgia Voter Suppression Law Apr 6, 2021 politics When I first read about Georgia’s new voting law, it sounded as if some parts of it were okay. For example, Republicans say that Sunday voting is COVID-19 vaccines and older so-called conservatives Mar 24, 2021 politics I can’t understand how older people can refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Younger people have not lived through the amazing vaccines Post Vaccination Haircut Mar 23, 2021 misc Me with 14-month-long hair Plus Big Mike Equals this Passover and the Power of Jewish Continuity Mar 21, 2021 identity Telling the story of the Exodus from Egypt allows Jews to share a spiritual experience across time and space by Gerson, Mark. Wall Street Journal My Highly Unexpected Heterosexual Pandemic Zoom Wedding Mar 21, 2021 psychology Laurie Penny The singled-out quotations are mine. We were in the middle of promising to grow old together when the sound cut out. The officiant’s The Dirtiest Story in the Decameron Mar 14, 2021 When I was living in Gafsa, back in 1964-66 on my first tour in Tunisia, I got a copy of Boccaccio’s Decameron. I got it because my French knowledge Cross tattoos on faces of North African women Mar 14, 2021 I remember being surprised to see women with crosses tattooed on their faces when I was in the Peace Corps in Tunisia. I came to realize that North George Hussein Entenman Mar 7, 2021 Why is my Facebook name George Hussein Entenman? In my case, I was outraged when Rush Limbaugh (may he be burning in Hell) constantly repeated I can’t believe how funny Andy Borowitz is Mar 6, 2021 borowitz-report He manages to be consistently funny. Easter Bunny New QAnon Theory Predicts Trump Will I left a comment on PoliticsNC Mar 5, 2021 politics & friends I commented on a guest article on PoliticsNC: Tom, your buddy Rick Henderson is indeed a Libertarian. Libertarians are those people who talk freedom How is it possible to steal Bitcoin? Mar 4, 2021 security I posted the following question to Facebook a couple of days ago: I hope this isn’t a stupid question, but how do people steal Bitcoin or other We need another Sputnik Mar 3, 2021 politics Quotes from Politics & Ideas: How to Step Up the Tech Fight Against China - WSJ 2021-03-03. I found the article through my public library Next page