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Bike Horn

I found this at the Brooklyn Museum.

Thinking about a new bike

A good discussion about bikes that are good for roads and some off-road. They seem to agree that a suspension is not needed, but this comment gives me pause: I think suspension is way overkill for what you describe. A nice rigid hybrid should do you fine - unless you have wrist issues.” Well, I have wrist issues.

Email to Tamara Sanders” , 2012-07-06


I was talking to Rob yesterday and asked him about a 29er. I got interested in them because I’d heard they were a bit stabler than my MTB. I’ve find it surprisingly difficult to do U-turns on my MTB. Rob said a 29er would be more stable and possibly faster but probably not turn better. He suggested that I should look at a used Cannondale hybrid at the Clean Machine, so I went over there and rode it yesterday before you got there. It was too small, but I was told that an equivalent new bike was $700. I’m interested.

I’m 69 years old and ride an older Cannondale F300 mountain bike with road tires. I like it a lot but after riding that used bike I can tell that I might do better on a lighter bike that is closer to a road bike.

  • I want a hybrid provided that I can ride it on the dirt paths in town. Not narrow mountain bike paths, but paths wide enough for cars, like the Pumpkin Circuit in Carolina North. The hardest trail I ride is up the powerline cut coming south from CH high school: I hope a hybrid could do that.

  • My hands and wrists are bothering me a lot these days and I want a fairly erect bike, perhaps one with an adjustable handlebar holder.

  • I’d like gearing that’s a little higher than on my MTB. Or gearing that goes from almost as low to somewhat higher.

  • I think I’d like high pressure tires. I’ve never used them but I think I’d like something around 100psi.

  • I know from experience that I’m no good at figuring out what size bike I need. Rob says you’re pretty good at sizing, so I’d like some help with that.

If you think you can help me, let me know when I can come in and see you next week. Monday will be especially good for me.

Thanks, ge


Hi George,
Tamara will be out of town until next week, but she would be more than happy to help you find a bike that will work for you! She will be here all day Monday – feel free to stop in anytime!
Amy Kuuskoski
  Sales Representative
   The Clean Machine
  104 W. Main St.
    Carrboro, NC 27510

Jamis Explorer?

Explorer 2

I like the higher handlebars and the adjustable stem. See photo

Ninth Street Bicycles is supposed to handle Jamis bikes.

The Coda Elite has disk brakes but is expensive.

Trek DS Series?

They say that they are equally adept on road or off, have shocks, and disk brakes for a reasonable price.

This sounds perfect. The blurb about the Utopia sounds perfect:

I use this bike for commuting, but I’ve ridden mountain bikes and road bikes for pleasure for 19yrs. This bike is FAST! 700c wheels high pressure tires and disc brakes! It’s as fast as my Trek 1000 road bike, but with the Utopia I can jump curbs, ride through grass, and hit the trails. Big difference from my other two 26″ wheel mtn bikes, they are no good on the road. The Utopia is the best of both worlds, road and mtn.

So how to find the Utopia? It seems to be the DS series but they may no longer use the name.

Cannondale Quick 3

Recommended in the discussion. Specs. It looks nice and REI sells it.

The wonderful bike I rode might be the Quick 4.

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