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Burying Google Fiber on Bartram Drive

This is the tool used to punch holes in the earth for the orange conduit that will hold our Google Fiber.  It’s kind of like an autonomous jackhammer that pounds its way through dirt and even rock.  It’s powered by the air compressor behind it.

the tool

Workers dig long holes every 20 feet or so (it varies and I’m guessing anyway).

dig a hole

The punching tool is placed in the hole.

place the tool

The worker uses his shovel, leg, etc. to point the tool towards its goal, the next hole up the street, marked by the yellow shovel handle.

point the tool

The tool goes to work, shaking everything. It’s fun to put your foot on the ground along its path to feel how far it’s gotten.

tool goes to work

Here you can see a finished hole heading up towards the Baers’ Zoysia grass patch. (Tom, they did a good job of putting the grass back.)

cool hole

Soon, I hope, we’ll have Google Fiber service!

- ge, bartram drive

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