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Why I try not to download attachments

Every time you run a program on a computing device (desktop computer, cellphone, etc.), it has a chance to infect it with a computer virus.

This is why you should be very careful when you run a program on your device.

This Quora discussion explains why:

Image and video files are not executed by operating system. An application opens them to display their contents. So an image/video file containing a virus is highly unlikely. BUT, in theory it is possible. If the application has a vulnerability/bug that can cause buffer overflow; attacker may be able to run malicious CPU instructions.

Topic: Mary Hugh family zoom meeting

Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime


As of Friday evening, Mary Hugh has been too weak and drugged to participate in a Zoom call.  She has had several short phone conversations.  On Weds, for example, her dear friend Rosalie reported,

So happy to report Mar was doing better today. She ate a little something after I left yesterday and ate a little today. Breathing better. She was actually talking about what to have for dinner when I left today.Both Jon & Rich called while I was there. Don was outside doing some watering. Still drinking fluids…a good thing. One day at a time!

Two days earlier, however, her report was much more typical of this last week:

I don’t know what to say other than my Heart is Breaking…I’m loosing my Sister and Best Friend. She hasn’t eaten since Sunday morning and only had a couple bites of a fruit tart. I made muffins on Sunday and took them up to her on Monday after work. Called last night to see if she had eaten one and she hadn’t. She was not very talkative on Monday, but was a little better this afternoon when I went up there. They installed a catheter yesterday. She was drinking pretty good today, but have some difficulty swallowing. Donald is doing a wonderful job of taking care of her. Very loving and caring. Of course I worry about his health also…I am so Thank full Jon & Alyssa were able to come outand spend the time with them. They all have wonderful memories of there time together.

Donald has had to keep Mary Hugh under heavier and more constant sedation this week.  She receives morphine for both pain and to relax her body to help open her nasal passages, which Donald has struggled to keep open. She needs to breathe through her nose because that’s how supplemental oxygen is administered. Donald monitors her blood O2 level and works to raise it when it gets too low. He’s working so hard.

I will check again tonight and perhaps tomorrow before our Zoom session to see if she can join us, but I doubt it.

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