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2020-02-07 Mike Bloomberg

Posted to FB

When you see what I’m writing below, you may start yelling Ok, Boomer!” Problem is that I’m too old to be a boomer! If your mind isn’t open enough to consider anyone for President besides Bernie, Warren, Biden, Klobuchar, Buttigieg, etc., then chalk my post up to dementia and move on.

Let me say that I have not made up my mind for whom to vote in the NC Primary next month. I started out supporting Elizabeth Warren, even giving her more money than I remember giving to any candidate up until now. I like her policies and commitment to making this a better country. I thought that Medicare for All might be okay although I tended to agree with Pelosi and Biden that fixing Obamacare - fully funding it for one thing - would make more sense. But when she said that she would take away private medical plans, I balked: (1) it’s political suicide and (2) I have Medicare now and still need my private plan - a variant of Medigap, I think - to supplement it.

I won’t go over my impressions of the other candidates except to say that the one person for whom I’m truly enthusiastic is Yang, but he appears to have no chance.

On to Bloomberg.

I still don’t know too much about him but I loved that he ran a gun control ad during the Superbowl! That takes political guts. He’s fought tobacco, sugar, guns, and more.

I suggest you start by reading The NC Case for Mike Bloomberg.

Even more informative is this report from The 1A, which is very thorough and helps explain why he’s apparently getting endorsements from many mayors around the country.

And please don’t disown me for considering Bloomberg, the way two of my Bernie friends did in 2016. We all - okay mostly - want the same sort of outcome for our country. Besides, I’m too old to know better.

Peace and love, ge

Comment on my own post

Listened to an hour or so to tonight’s debate and I’ve got to say how much I like all the candidates, some more than others, of course.

And I want to say to my Bernie friends that he is very impressive. I love his lists of issues and related topics when he answers a question. And his answers are usually some of the most direct and clear. (I do worry that he’d become another McGovern if nominated, however. And, yes, I’ve heard your counterarguments.)

Joeseph Costa

Joseph Costa I’ll start off by saying, I’m not writing you off!” I think Mike has come to represent all that is wrong with the Democratic Party! The primary process allows for candidates to start out at the prearranged date and work through the rigors of the primary process and show intestinal fortitude and grassroot support which will demonstrate the ability to do the same through a general election. Mike has done neither! He waited until the voting portion to introduce himself therefore insuring NO vetting will take place and no proof of viable candidacy has been demonstrated! He may be a nice guy but it’s too late to invest in a question mark of a candidate who has no ground support and hope of inspiring anything except an eye roll…

Reply to Joe

Good to hear from you, Joe! Not quite sure what you mean about his not being vetted. He’s been under scrutiny and attack for years. I agree that he hasn’t experienced the joys of slogging around Iowa during primary season, but I’m pretty sure he’s spent lot of time in front of audiences.

I’m not sure what to make about the idea of grassroots support”. How does it differ from support”?

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