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My Jekyll notes

Creating and Editing a New Post

Just use my newpost.rb script to create a new post in _posts. Then use MultiMarkdown Composer to edit the post.


I finally figured out that the categories metadata in the header of each post can specify the path to the final post. For example, suppose I define categories in the metadata to have the two ordered values:

categories: activities french

If I have specified in my _config.yml file that the permalink has the structure


then I will get paths that look like



Generate the site

gitm:~/Dropbox/ge/george.entenman.name $ jekyll build
Configuration file: /Users/ge/Dropbox/ge/george.entenman.name/_config.yml
            Source: /Users/ge/Dropbox/ge/george.entenman.name
       Destination: ./ge.github.io
      Generating... done.

Local server

I believe it was working for awhile. But now the server (WEBrick) starts, but nothing is served and I can’t find any log files that might explain what’s happening. I’ve reinstalled jekyll.

Synopsis of building and pushing to github

$ jekyll build
$ jekyll serve [Note: this does not work]
$ pd ge.github.io/
$ git status
$ git commit -am "commit message"
$ git push -u origin


Most of the layout is defined by _layouts/default.html. This includes _layouts/post.html, which can be very simple.


This is a normal paragraph. I hope its font size is adequate.

This should be a blockquote.  This should be a blockquote.  This should be a blockquote.  This should be a blockquote.  This should be a blockquote.  This should be a blockquote.  This should be a blockquote.

Another paragraph containing ”, I hope.


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