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I left a comment on PoliticsNC March 5, 2021 politics & friends I commented on a guest article on PoliticsNC: Tom, your buddy Rick Henderson is indeed a Libertarian. Libertarians are those people who talk freedom I take a jab at “jab” February 5, 2021 friends My friend Rob Anderson posted this on Facebook yesterday. This link might work better. I proudly out myself as the person who tried to help Rob by CJ Suitt January 25, 2021 friends & poetry source. Emphasis is mine. January 22, 2021 05:45 AM, ‘In the Aftermath’ of COVID-19 Chapel Hill Poet Laureate CJ Suitt talks about his inspiration Lee Smith was a Go-Go dancer December 27, 2020 friends I found this in a Woolf Society PDF. A Factoid Regarding Virginia Woolf in Popular Culture: Discovering the 1960s Virginia Woolfs Rock Band Lee Anti government blindness August 7, 2013 friends & politics My sister’s best friend in Oregon likes to send out anti-government email. She used to put the addresses in the to field until I started using reply A Bicycle Song in French August 3, 2013 misc & friends & french The song Jour du Velo from the album Pataphysical Grafitti by Les Sans Culottes. Song Words verse chorus verse chorus verse chorus verse chorus global warming denial July 8, 2013 politics & friends Ed Jackem gave me a paper by John R Christy, PhD, Univ of Alabama, Huntsville. The paper was apparently prepared for some Senate committee. It can