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Dear Andrew

I’m writing you now because tonight at 6 I’m going to be on a Zoom fundraiser for Josh Stein (our state’s AG) and worry that I might miss out on some kind of family zoom celebrating your anniversary.

I want to make sure you know how proud and impressed I am by what you and Chié have accomplished. Not just Lily Iris, but your happiness in a time of stress and pandemic is a true accomplishment and inspiration. Your family’s joy at being together certainly makes life better for Iris and me, to say nothing of Benji, who has changed so much in the last year. You can’t fake changes like that. And even at a distance from Chié - physical and linguistic - it’s jaw-dropping to see how much she has changed, growing happier and having so much fun.

I’d pray if I could that this COVID-19 thing doesn’t disrupt all this. It sounds as if y’all are doing your best to stay as healthy as possible. I’d expect nothing less from you. Please keep us up to date on how things are going at your place. (We are doing fine in a week of amazing weather. Iris and I even walked around for a couple of hours yesterday putting sample ballots - with Democratic candidates checked off - on people’s doorknobs.)

Please keep those calls and beans coming! We should zoom together again soon, just not tonight.

I have no idea what you could do for an anniversary dinner tonight. How could you possibly top your ordinary” meals? I want to visit so badly!!

love, ge

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